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Trash cans

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My neighbor keeps his trash cans on the side of his house, and we see them every time we go in and out of our house.  The HOA contract says that all trash cans need to be in the garage unless permission is given by the neighbor to leave them outside.


I haven't given any such permission to have his trash cans outside.  What is the process for getting this taken care of?


Thank you,

Joanne Hodge

Dear Joanne, thank you for the question. I believe what you are referring to is contained in the proposed HOA Covenants which are up for vote this month. It that document it provides "...all trash, garbage and other rubbish shall be kept at all times in each Owner's garage or in areas of an Owner's Lot which are not visible from the street or in a area objectionable by a neighbor, except ... (on trash days)". 


The Owners may elect to conceal an outside storage area by and appropriate fence or by other means that do not detract from the appearance of the dwelling... 


What this means is hide the trash and trash cans so others do not have to see them. This will be implemented upon adoption of the new revised covenants and a grace period will be given for our members to implement them. 


Hope this answers your question....please encourage people to pass the new Covenants. 

I feel the same way about the red truck but we endure it.  This will be very challenging since several neighbors store their cans on the side of their house on our street.  It is sad that the days of being loving neighbors has resorted into public drama.  I will take the Christian approach and move the cans regardless of the rules and pray you find peace.  

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